Clinical formulation optimization


All types of drug formulations can be quickly and cost-effectively developed, screened and optimized using our Translational Pharmaceutics® platform.

Most new drugs emerging from the industry pipeline have sub-optimal properties and will require formulation optimization to achieve their full potential. By bringing together real-time manufacturing with on-site clinical testing, we can:

  • reduce timelines;
  • lower costs;
  • and minimize consumption of drug substances.


RapidFACT® – Rapid Formulation development And Clinical Testing

RapidFACT dramatically speeds up the optimization of drug products for downstream development for all routes of delivery. Our team of experts will assess your molecule and share ideas on the design of your development program. RapidFACT programs have been successfully used for:

• evaluating solubilization technologies;
• optimizing modified release systems;
• changing route of delivery;
• and developing combination products.

 RapidFACT is proven to reduce development timelines and costs. Click here to access scientific publications about RapidFACT.