Modelling and simulation

Our modelling and simulation services can be used to drive your clinical development programme. Working with our experts you can focus your study earlier on the question you need to answer and the data you need to collect.

We provide in silico modeling and simulation for all our formulation design and selection programs. Our experts use GastroPlus™ to model physicochemical, biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic data, providing valuable insight into the in vivo performance of molecules and formulations.

As an example, Enabled-First-in-Human® programs benefit from the simulation of exposure profiles, which help to select doses and define robust formulation strategies. Similarly, in RapidFACT® programs, GastroPlus is used to select formulation technologies and compositions, and to optimize drug product performance within a protocol directly. Evaluation of potential in vitro-in vivo correlations (IVIVCs) can also be undertaken, offering significant downstream benefits to the development team.

Data sciences