Gamma scintigraphic imaging

Gamma scintigraphic imaging allows real-time visualization of drug-related events as they occur in vivo. We have extensive experience in using scintigraphic imaging for assessing:

oral drug product performance, including;

  • functional coatings;
  • quantification of the rate and site of tablet erosion;
  • and determination of the impact of anatomic site of drug delivery on systemic exposure;

inhaled drug product performance, including;

  • nasal and pulmonary delivery routes;
  • quantification of deposition pattern;
  • and correlation of nasal delivery with anatomic features (via MRI scan);

pharmacodynamic effects, including;

  • quantification of the rate of gastric emptying, and small intestinal and colon transit;
  • assessment of gall bladder emptying;
  • and measurement of lung mucociliary clearance.

This technique is simple to integrate into a standard clinical program and can be performed in conjunction with safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessments.

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