Clinical testing

Our MHRA-accredited clinical unit, located alongside our analytical facilities on the Nottingham site, comprises:

  • 85 beds in six wards;
  • recreational facilities for volunteers, including access to outdoor space;
  • and two sample processing laboratories, including barcode sample tracking.

Our team of medical and scientific experts includes:

  • a Medical Director and two Medical Fellows, all vastly experienced in the field of early drug development; these three senior doctors are further supported by
  • two senior clinical research physicians; and three clinical research physicians proving a very strong medical influence on all aspects of study delivery from inception to final reporting.
  • five research fellows to provide scientific advice and strategic guidance on program design;
  • and 40 nurses and clinical technicians.

Our clinical capabilities include:

  • telemetry and continuous ECG monitoring;
  • pulmonary function testing;
  • and pharmacodynamic and biomarker assessments.

We have also established links with consultants for provision of specialist procedures, including EEGs, Holter monitoring, ultrasound, MRIs and ophthalmic assessments.

Click here to access scientific publications about clinical pharmacology.

Human ADME studies